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Max Butane Gas
· Model MSF-1
· Dimension 211mm / 420ml
· Capacity 220g

◀ Features
▶ When excessive pressure increases in the can, CRV system releases gas through dot-shaped explosion-proof
vents in the countersink at the top of the can. (Invention Patent No. 10-0572517)
▶ Explosion-proof system has been upgraded by Triple Seamed structure.
▶ No residual quantity by high performance gas mixture.
▶ The world's first CRV explosion proof structure.
▶ Over 50 countries in the world use MAX Butane cartridge.

◀ Specification
   Product   MAX Butane cartridge 
   Model   MSF-1
   Dimension   211mm / 420 ㎖
   Fuel Capacity   220g
   Packing   4pcs / Shrink Film x 7 Lines ( 28pcs / box )

      ◀ Comparison

                 Normal Butane Gas Cartridge       VS       MAX Butane Gas cartridge

        ◀ How it works 


                                     Explosion-Proof System activating scene

                   ※ See video (English Ver.): 

                   ※ See video (Chinese Ver.):  http://youtu.be/1YG7IM356A8

                   ※ See video (Japanese Ver.):  http://youtu.be/I6fQF5XUS3w


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